Against All Odds

Rank Outsider was set up in 2010 – its HQ being situated above a bookie’s in North London. Rank Outsider Press aspires to produce high quality, limited edition text-based prints and bookwork’s. Encouraged as a student by the ‘Do it Yourself’ aesthetic, and anti-commercialism of the Fluxus artists, I wanted to continue to find new ways of creating and distributing original artworks and texts.


Bookworks that are editioned at Rank Outsider are the result of projects produced in collaboration with writers, musicians and artists. Before embarking on a new project we begin by considering the possible forms that a book may take, as well as sharing ideas on how to combine text and images. At this stage there are no pre-conceived ideas on how the project will develop – it is always a completely flexible process which can only move forward through a series of creative discussions. The eventual outcome is a bookwork which has evolved as a result of a unique artistic partnership.


In addition to the main activity of creating books Rank Outsider also works with artists who wish to produce etched editions of their work. Plates can be produced using camera ready artwork (from drawings or photographs) or by using more traditional methods (hard/soft grounds). After decisions have been made regarding paper, size and ink Rank Outsider can then take care of the printing. The artist is always consulted at every stage of the production and proofs are supplied. The end result being an edition of original etchings that the artist can number and sign.

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all images © Dawes Gray